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StoneX Technology Services (STS) specializes in cross-border payments to developing countries. We offer tailor-made foreign exchange and financial services for corporates, NGOs, and financial institutions worldwide.

16 June

2:30 PM CST


Plastics & Packaging

1 hour 30 Minutes

Get an introduction to plastics and our StoneX hedging solutions for packaging. The topics covered will include:

  • Fundamentals of the plastics supply chain
  • A brief overview of plastics production
  • Trends and statistics
  • StoneX’s plastics offering
  • Risk mitigation/hedging

Presented by

Howard RappaportDan Conrath

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The Impact of ISO 20022 on African Banking

A global and open standard, ISO 20022 creates a common language for cross-border payments worldwide, opening up huge opportunities for financial institutions, such as boosting operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and enabling innovative new services.

MARCH 2022

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StoneX modernising African payments systems

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Modernising African Payment Systems

Featuring an expert panel of Fintech and Transaction experts, the Modernising African Payment Systems will deep-dive into the critical infrastructure and technology-led solutions needed to develop and implement robust payment systems that can spur intra-African trade and contribute to the economic development of the continent.


Tom Scarpulla

Senior Vice President - 
SWIFT & Technology Sales, North America
StoneX Technology Services

Tom Scarpulla heads customer retention and relationship management for the Americas at StoneX Technology Services LLC (STS). Tom joined STS in early 2019, previously working at SWIFT in New York, where he helped lead the corporates, partners, asset management, and insurance verticals. Tom studied in Boston at Northeastern University and resides in New York City. In his spare time, Tom enjoys offshore sport fishing, snowboarding, and traveling. 

David Unsdorfer

Senior Vice President - 
SWIFT & Technology Sales, EMEA & APAC
StoneX Financial Ltd.

David Unsdorfer is a Senior Vice President at StoneX Technology Services (STS) in London. He is responsible for growth in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Prior to joining StoneX, David spent two years with ClearBank helping banks and fintechs connect to the UK payment infrastructure. As well as five years with SWIFT (the Society for the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) supporting banks, payment service providers, and fintechs utilize the cross-border payments network. David graduated with a joint honours degree in Law and Property Valuation in 2012 from the City University of London and Cass Business School.

Gustavo Biondi

StoneX Technology Services

Gustavo Biondi is a Technology Sales Consultant at StoneX Technology Services, responsible for the Latin America region. Gustavo started his career in the corporate world at StoneX as an intern in 2020, and in 2021 became a full time employee. Gustavo continues his studies at Anhembi Morumbi computer science (2025) and commercial management (2023). Gustavo is also fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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Sandrine Marionvalle-Jaines

Senior Relationship Manager -EMEA
StoneX Financial Ltd.

A Relationship Manager for StoneX Technology Services (STS), Sandrine is focused on helping banks in the EMEA region to find tailored solutions that connect to SWIFT. Sandrine studied Marketing and International Business in Paris and Osaka and is a keen traveller.

Venkat BV

Head of SWIFT Bureau Business
StoneX Technology Services

Venkat B.V. is Head of StoneX Technology Services, a dedicated technology unit within the StoneX group that provides technology solutions to both external and internal customers. Venkat previously co-founded Akshay Software Technologies Ltd., whose US subsidiary provided SWIFT services to the Global Payments Business unit of StoneX before it was acquired by StoneX in September 2018.

StoneX integrates BNI Madagascar as a Swift Service Bureau


Afrixembank's passion for cutting-edge technology


Next Generation Bank Connectivity

With rapid changes across the payment technology arena, global development organizations face a host of critical technical challenges given their unique organizations and financial operations. This session follows Day One’s strategic perspectives by exploring more technical payment integration issues that underlie payments and bank connectivity projects in emerging economies.


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StoneX Messaging Hub (XMH) for ISO20022

XMH can help your organization comply with SWIFT’s ISO20022 migration, as well as to support other non-SWIFT ISO20022 requirements. Watch this video to see how.

Automating Hibret Bank's Corporate ISO 20022 Payment Processing


StoneX Messaging Hub (XMH) ISO Converter Module


Partner Insight: Getting Ready for ISO 


Ahmed Elkady 

Junior Business Development Manager
StoneX Technology Services

Ahmed Elkady, Junior Business Development Manager at StoneX Technology Services (STS), is responsible for the company’s DACH region. He has a diverse academic background, with a Master of Science degree in economics from the University of Kiel and a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from an American college. In his previous role as a business analyst, Ahmed was responsible for implementing synergies and efficiencies within the primary application used by financial institutions. He has worked for StoneX since early December 2022. In addition to being a native Arabic speaker, Ahmed is also fluent in English and German.