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As the global automotive industry moves steadily toward electrification, the impacts of this evolution on the underlying metals markets will only grow. That’s why StoneX Financial Ltd (formerly INTL FCStone Ltd) hosted an hour-long virtual event, 20 October, to provide valuable insights into the changing market structures within the automotive and battery industries.

Our expert analysts discussed the battery technologies (and underlying metals) contending for market share, the evolution and progress toward electrification by the automotive sector as a whole, and the potential winners and losers that may result from current and future market dynamics. Topics include:

  • the key drivers behind the adoption of an electrified market
  • the leading battery technologies and how they compete
  • the current and long-term implications on the metals used
  • the impact of COVID-19 on the future prospects for battery technology growth

Kevin Tuohy
Co-Head, Base Metals
StoneX Financial Ltd.

Natalie Scott-Gray
Senior Metals Analyst, EMEA & Asia
StoneX Financial Ltd.

The Metals Market Outlook: 

Battle of the Batteries in an Electrified World

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